Correlated Bible Reading Sermon Series

Pastor Stephen Farr is going through the entire Bible, touching on all the major themes outlined in God's Holy Word in conjunction with the companion books written by Mrs. Ellen G. White in this new sermon series that is sure to be an enlightening treat through the next four years 2023 through 2027 and beyond. Join us in the weekly readings and then go to our online church viewing 11 am PST to enjoy the sermons. If you miss one or want to hear one again and share it, go to our YouTube page, please subscribe, and enjoy the whole series any time you'd like. 

Also, if you would like an updated version of the books we are reading along with the Bible you can get them through Types and Symbols  or download a free version of the books to read, or listen, along Patriarchs and Prophets or you can purchase a copy of the book we are starting with at Laymen Ministries as well.

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Sermon Series Links

  1. Visions and Dreams
  2.  Unmasked
  3. Guard Your Heart
  4. The Faithful Few
  5. His Kingdom Come
  6. Believe the Promise
  7. The Last Day
  8. God Answers Prayer
  9. The Birthright
  10. Test Me
  11. Peace of God
  12. Trials to Triumph
  13. Called to Bless



Weekly 4-Year     Reading Plan  


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Correlated Bible Readings