Small Groups

Find a Small Group that interests you from the following list and fill out the form on the link so we can get you connected. 


Small Group Name Description When & Where Basics
Women's Ministries

Women meeting together learning and sharing God's love. 

Being there for each other in these hard times.

1st Monday each month.

From 6.30-8pm

SW Pendleton

All are welcome, including children.

Bring a favorite snack to share with everyone.

40 Days of Prayer Plus Currently studying in Psalms.


From 6-7.30pm

SW Pendleton

Adults are welcome.
Raising Kids In A World With Trauma Learn how to build healthy relationships with your children (and other adults) and how to build in them the skills to be a healthy adult.  Learn more on our blog...


from 6.30-8pm


Adults are welcome.
Prayer Warriors Those who have a passion that prayer is always a great pursuit. That we can go to God for anything and should diligently pray for others. Even if you can't get around, you can still pray for those around you!  No time or date yet. Just getting started. All passionate and serious prayer warriors welcome
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