Church Facility Use

As a part of serving our community we open our facility to use for both members and non-members. The church facility may be used for worship, and local evangelism events from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday (Sabbath hours). Non-worship and secular activities can be hosted from sundown Saturday to sundown Friday (non-Sabbath hours).


Any facility use outside of Sabbath School, Church, Elders & Board meetings, and 4th Sabbath Potlucks needs to complete a request form.


If you would like to use the building for your event, first check the Facility Use Calendar below, then complete the appropriate required form. By submitting the form, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of use spelled out in the form. You can submit either an online form or email a completed fillable PDF form to the church at


Online forms:

Fillable PDF forms:

If you would like your event in the Sabbath Bulletin or the monthly newsletter, complete the Announcement Request Form



Facility Use Calendar