Disaster Response - Adventist Community Services

February Flooding

Current needs:

Volunteers to help at ACS Disaster Response Donations Management Warehouse.  Warehouse is open every day 10 AM to 6 PM until flood victims no longer need assistance.  Interested in volunteering? Please fill out the form below.

Items to create Flood Buckets and Household Kits.  Click here for more information on what goes into a bucket or kit.

To be most helpful with your donations at this time PLEASE READ ACS Suggestions for Donations.


Thank you,

Phil & Linda Ruud

Local Area Coordinators

ACS Disaster Response

Fill this form to let us know how you can help at the Donations Management Warehouse - Thank you!


Adventist Community Services and Volunteers Respond to Floods


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Adventist Community Services - Disaster Response
Umatilla County Emergency Management
Oregon Office of Emergency Management
Washington State Department of Health
Washington Emergency Management Division